Snakes, scaly and legless creatures are an important part of the ecological system but many species of it are harmful and even deadly to humans and pets. If you live in areas where presence of snakes is common, there are high chances that you may have walked out on them in your yard or garden. Most people are scared of snakes and it can be so difficult to think clearly when you see them appear on your doorstep or in your garden. Out of the 3500 snake species in the world, there are around 600 poisonous ones. Poisonous snakes are so dangerous as they carry venom that is capable of killing humans and pets when they bite, and they can even cause blindness when they spit because they aim at the eyes. It can be so difficult to deter snakes from the home or garden, but there is a solution to it, below are some of the natural methods of deterring them:


If your yard or garden is prone to snakes, it is best to consider planting lemon grass. It has been proven that lemon grass is effective in scaring away snakes; this is because it produces a citrus smell that they detest. Lemon grass is resistant to drought and easy to maintain, it also repels mosquitoes, ticks and other insects, and at the same time adding attractiveness to your home or garden. Just plant it around to form a barrier against snakes.


Snakes are known to love damp and dark places, the also like to live and hide in crevices, cracks and holes. Carefully check the exterior of your home and repair any cracks or holes you discover, and then eliminate their hiding places, as this will help to deter them from taking over your property. Repair any damaged gutters, piping and ventilation ducts, also replace any damaged screens on doors and windows.


Onion and garlic are useful garden plants in naturally deterring snakes. This is because both plants contain sulfonic acids (chemical that make us shed tears when we chop onions) that gives out a smell that snakes detest. Garlic plant also gives out an oily residue when a snake moves over a clove, this oil smells like a sliced onion and the aroma is like a pepper spray.


It is essential to cut or mow the grass surrounding you, this is because snakes love to roam around areas where the grass is high without being detected easily. When the grass is low, it will be very easy to notice when snake is around. For best results, it is better to lower the grass and clear the dump and debris bi-weekly.


Snakes have high sense of smell and are very sensitive to fumes, and one of the smells they detest is smokes. A smoke is distracting to snakes and that is why they flee any time a bush is set on fire. To effectively do this, just dig a bottomless pit in your yard and light a fire, cover the fire with leaves and moss to make the smoke last longer.

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