Skunks are cute but they stink; easily identifiable by their black and white stripping, they can be a serious problem to homeowners. They are famous for their self-defense skills and their pungent smell; the smelly spray can go as far as 10 feet. The smell is so bad to the extent; you can smell it up to a mile away for days, and even weeks. Although, skunk musk is not poisonous but contact with it may cause nausea, gagging, and eye irritation. Skunks are known to release a strong smell through their anal glands when they are threatened. They mostly attack when cornered or defending their babies, and spraying is not their first method of defense. A skunk will growl, fluff its fur, spit, shake its tail and stamp the ground. If this does not deter the intruder, then it will lift its tail and spray the foul odor. Therefore, in order to repel and prevent skunks irritating smells and their damaging your home, the following smells will repel the skunk from coming close:


Just like other animals, skunks do not like the smell of citrus at all. Therefore, spreading citrus peels along the perimeter of the home will help to prevent skunks from entering your property. However, when the citrus peels dry up, they will lose their aroma. Therefore, it is necessary to scatter new peels of citrus peels around the home every time the peels dry up.


If you have discovered skunks coming to your home from time to time, though there might not be anything they want in particular but their foul odor is enough to last for days. Ammonia soaked rag is an effective way to repel skunks from the home; this is because ammonia emits an odor that is hated by skunks. To do this; just gather a few old rags and soak them in ammonia, then scatter the ammonia soaked rags along the areas where the skunks normally pass through. Immediately the rags dries up, they may not smell of the ammonia again, therefore when this happens, soak the rags inside the ammonia again. Should in case you run out of ammonia and you have a cat, you can make use of cats’ litter, this is because cat’s urine also smell like ammonia.


This homemade skunk repellent is effective, and only involves using some items from your kitchen pantry. Just boil six cups of water with five pieces of cayenne pepper, a large whole yellow onion and five pieces jalapeno pepper for 20 minutes, this will produce a mixture you can spray along the perimeter of your house several times a week. Strain the mixture into an empty bowl, let it cool down and pour it into an empty spray bottle. This mixture has a strong odor that skunks finds it distasteful, you can even double the ingredients in the mixture if you feel it’s not strong enough.


These granules are formulated based on predator urine and this is effective in chasing out skunks out of their burrows. Just sprinkle the granules at the entrance of their burrow so that when they will have to walk through it when they enter or exit. The irritation from this granules will make the skunks uncomfortable and drive them out.

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